Listening strategies

It is first important to note that no hearing aid restores normal hearing do, it’s why, of listening strategies are dished out in some cases. These tips apply to both the deaf to members of his family. For the entourage of the hearing impaired person, it is important to implement these recommendations:

  • In a conversation, look at the hard of hearing person.
  • Not talk to him from another room.
  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Eliminate, if possible, the disturbing noises..
  • Ensure adequate lighting when you speak to allow the other to read your lips.
  • Draw attention before speaking.
  • Maintain a normal distance between you and the hard of hearing when you speak (4-5 feet) person.
  • Shrug voice slightly, if necessary.
  • A person talking at a time, if you are in a group.
  • Sit on the side where the hearing aid is installed (if (it) has a single device).

For the hard of hearing:

  • Down the volume on your hearing aids when you are in a noisy environment.
  • Then come to your party.
  • Make lip reading.
  • Position yourself back to a wall, if you are in a room or restaurant.
  • Car, turn down the volume on the radio, do not direct the air conditioner to your dentures, adjust your aids.
  • At the restaurant, ask for a table in a quiet place.
  • Classroom, choose a seat in front of the room and tell your teacher about your problem.
  • If you have digital hearing aids, use the “Noise” program if you have one.
More sophisticated hearing aids have the ability to improve your understanding in noisy situations. Talk to your audioprosthesist.