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I have two hearing aids behind the ear since the age of 7 years. I am now 39 years old and have always had good results with my aids. I wonder if other hearing aids were suitable for me?
First, it depends on many factors we need to consider, such as your degree of hearing loss, the anatomy of your ears, your dexterity, battery life etc. I think the best advice is to review your hearing professional for a complete evaluation and ask his opinion.
My father complains that we do not speak clearly and that we should articulate more. However, my sisters and I seem to articulate. Do you have good tips to help him?
I think that we should not trivialize these signs. This is not to say that your father is automatically hard of hearing, but it is a harbinger very obvious. I think you should, with your sister, talk to him to evaluate his hearing without forcing it, this could make things worse. Consult an audioprosthesist, audiologist or doctor to check his hearing. The majority of audioprosthesist offers testing at no cost.

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