Government programs

Some programs offered by various government agencies defray the cost of adjusting hearing aids. Here are the different programs with a brief description for each.


Since July 29, 1993, the Board of Health Insurance in Quebec pays a hearing aid at all hearing impaired, qualifying, and WITHOUT AGE LIMIT. In June 2006, the RAMQ starting to pay some hearing aids digital. In some cases, among others for the workers, the recipient can get two aids, if it meets specific criteria. We will explain the criteria for the program and the steps needed to get there, during your visit to our office.


This provincial program is for workers who have suffered hearing loss caused by noise or an accident at work. With this program, beneficiaries are entitled to two hearing aids when required, their repair, maintenance and batteries, as well as professional consultations related to the problem. Some assistive hearing may also be reimbursed as FM systems for television viewing, adapted telephones, alarm clock-morning, etc.


This federal program is for veterans who had authorization to purchase hearing aids. These, they talked, repairs, professional counseling and batteries can be paid by Blue Cross. Some assistive hearing may also be reimbursed as FM systems for television viewing, adapted telephones, alarm clock-morning, etc.

Note that these three government programs only cover certain types and some brands of hearing aids. Your audioprosthesist will explain the program that is right for you, depending on your case.

Private Insurance

Some policies cover X amount or a percentage of costs incurred for adjusting hearing aids. Check with your insurance for more information.


You can, regardless of the program you are eligible, decide to pay yourself the costs incurred by the purchase of hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids depends on various factors: the model, the amplifier, periods of guarantees, the anatomy of your ears, etc. Costs can range between $ 1,000.00 and $ 3,000.00 per prosthesis, including professional fees. These amounts are not taxable (medical services) and are tax deductible to 100%.


Some organizations may pay, in whole or in part, the adjustment costs for hearing aids; reception centers, charities, nonprofit organizations, IVAC, SAAQ, DSS, etc.

Department of Indian Affairs

Some indigenous can qualify for this program, as applicable.


This hearing aid rental program is now available. You can now benefit from a hearing aid rental program. This program allows you to change your hearing aids more regularly for new technology. In addition, the rental includes all professional services, batteries and repairs during the duration of your rental. This program is based on a fix monthly payment.


You can benefit from a payment program for your hearing aids for 12, 24 or 36 months, according to your convenience and your needs.