Warning signs

Did you know that over 700,000 people in Quebec are only hearing impaired to varying degrees. This corresponds to 10% of the population. Several signs indicate hearing loss. Among other things, people afflicted by this problem.

  • Are repeating their partner during.
  • Increase the volume of the TV.
  • Hear a word instead of another.
  • Are struggling to maintain a conversation in a noisy environment (party, restaurant).
  • Can speak up.
  • Demonstrate problems understanding their partner if he has his back turned or if it refers to another room.
  • In general, they tend to isolate themselves.
  • Discussions with others are restricted and their social activities are reduced.
  • Some of them may have ear ringing continuous or intermittent.
  • These people think that others do not articulate well.
In most cases, hearing loss gradually worsens every year, and the signs become more obvious. In general, it is best to sail as soon as possible a person with hearing loss in order to minimize possible deafness long established and so facilitate adaptation to prosthetics consequences. If you think being part of the 700 000 people with this loss, it is essential to check the status of your hearing during a screening examination, provided at no cost to our office.

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